New uniquely designed e-bike system

Whatever your e-cycling journey takes you on, I will be at the heart of it. I am Sport Drive, a new system for e-bikes. I will be the perfect companion on your exciting journeys. I will help you go further, explore new places and make e-cycling fun.


Just like the human heart, I was the most important part of this e-bike, so I came first in the process of E-bike Creation. So it was me - the battery, the mid-motor - that defined the ideal shape of the frame built around me. Powered by the creativity of a Dutch designer and bike specialists in Czech Republic, the Sport Drive system and frame was developed. I am a user-friendly blend of technology and aesthetics that can only be achieved by a true e-bike lovers.

Since the engineers at the BFI have e-bikers at heart, they felt they need to provide cyclists with an optimal solution for their various needs. They have expanded me and transformed me into two further versions: one with the motor in the front and one with the motor in the back. Of course, there is always the classic built with the battery in the rear rack.

This means that I can serve any purpose your heart desires.

If you are a serial cyclist, who is not afraid to go further and explore new places, my SPORTY version with mid positioned drive unit and battery on the down-tube will give you the thrills you seek.

Are you looking for a greener way to commute to work every day? You will love the ecological aspect of SPORT DRIVE e-bike. My RELAX and LEISURE version with rear positioning of the motor and battery on the down-tube is efficient and economical. This composition also makes me perfect for those occasions when you feel like escaping into nature and taking a ride in the country. There is also a version of me with the battery in the rear rack.

For all urban and hip people out there: my CITY version of Sport Drive with front positioned drive unit is a stylish and efficient way to get to all the city hot spots, your favourite cafés and all the parties with your friends.

With all these options, I am flexible, efficient and very stylish. A harmonious symbiosis of a system and a bicycle.

I am a perfect solution for you. All you have to do is choose which one of me to get.


E-bikes equipped with SPORT DRIVE system.